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    Privacy policy
    In this Privacy policy:
    Personal information or "Personal data" means any information that may be directly related to a particular person and may be used to identify that person (including information about Your activities, such as information about Your use of the application when it is directly related to personal information, including automatically collected information). We do not treat as personal data the information that does not identify a particular user.
    This privacy Policy (hereinafter - the “Policy”) establishes General rules for the collection, processing, distribution, use and storage of Personal data of the Application user.
    Each user must read this Policy carefully and comply with it.
    SensumFMS (hereinafter - the Service) is a mobile application that allows you to send video, audio and other types of messages to the future.
    What our Service is for:
    − for self-development: to see and alnalyze yourself, to remind yourself of important moments;
    − for the transfer of experience to descendants: for the transfer of informational heritage personally to the addressee at a pre-selected date and time in the future, when this information will be relevant and important to the recipient;
    − to save your time and transfer important information;
    − to optimize and improve efficiency in daily activities;
    − for originality (greetings, jokes, etc.)
    − to increase efficiency in business via mailing to customers; and also with a reminder of medication intake or time to eat, sets of exercises, reminders about the webinar, training, diagnostics of personal transport, etc.;
    − to improve communication: informing employees about important events of the company, meetings, corporate events, training and birthdays of colleagues.
    By starting to use our Service, You voluntarily provide us with personal information: phone number, photo, email, full name and payment and other information. We store this information on our servers to ensure that messages are delivered to your recipients at the time you specify. Your name and profile photo will be visible to other users of the Service.
    In order for You to be able to send messages to Your contacts, we will ask you to provide access to your device's phone book. We collect and store on our servers only those contacts that You have specified in the recipients of Your messages.
    If You access your account through Facebook, Google and/or any other social media sites, You agree to provide us with long-term access to your personal information on such sites. 
    We receive and store the following data: user's phone number, email, full name, login, profile photo, your unique social network ID and other information provided by You.
    When you use the Service, we will monitor and notify other users when you receive and read messages.
    The information we collect may be combined with information from external sources that we have obtained in accordance with the law.
    You can view and change your personal information at any time in your profile in the app. Please remember to update your personal information if it changes or becomes inaccurate.
    We do our best to protect your personal data and messages from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. We use a secure encrypted connection to transfer data. Messages that are waiting to be delivered are encrypted and distributed across multiple physical zones.
    We may use the Data to customize and provide additional features to use our Service.
    We make efforts to ensure that your data is not shared with any third party despite its support of this Privacy policy; We reserve the right to share Your data with a third party under certain circumstances, an incomplete list of which is provided below: your consent received by us, for example, when you choose to participate or not to participate in the distribution of Data; the services provided in our application or provided to us require interaction with a third party, as an example of Application Service Provider; to avoid violations of law, regulations or judicial or governmental decisions; to participate in government investigations; to assist in fraud prevention; in connection with the full or partial sale of our business or its assets; we find that your use of the application violates this Policy, the Terms of Use, other directives and guidelines used, or our reasonable requirements to protect your legal rights and /or property;  this app is purchased by a third party whereby that third party will have access to the Data. In case you choose to use the links appearing in our app to visit other resources (e.g. websites), you should read the privacy policy applied on these other resources (websites). There are many factors beyond our control that can lead to data loss. As a result, we disclaim all warranties, implied or Express, as well as any security or non-disclosure requirements.
    To ensure the correct operation of the application, Your data and undelivered messages may remain on the application server for some time after your account is deleted.
    Our Service is in the process of development and is supplemented with new functionality, so from time to time the Privacy policy will be amended. Once this happens, You will receive a notification in the Application. Further use of the Application will serve as a confirmation that You agree with the applied changes.
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