The message to the future is a message that you can create and send now, and you can put the date of receipt as any day in the future from 1 to 10 years ahead. Depending on the selected version of the Application, you get the opportunity to select the delayed message delivery time.

    Digital will is the will of the user in digital format. With the help of digital will the user can also leave parting words, advice for the next generation, share of intangible assets.

    The user is a person who is registered on the platform and sends text, photo, video and audio content to the future.

    The testator is a user of the Legacy version, which allows you to save and send the legacy to selected heirs in the future. 

    A heir is a person who is appointed to be the recipient of a Will on the SensumFMS platform. The heir receives information intended for him exclusively in the period specified by the sender. Please note that the Testament in SensumFMS does not have the power of a notarized document. 

    The version of the application is the set of functionality that the user receives. Versions are distinguished by the amount of memory, the period of deferred delivery and the presence or absence of additional features. Get acquainted with the versions here.

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