Data protection

    Data security is one of the priority issues for a person who values his time and information, which itself is a necessary and expensive resource.

    The primary task of almost every application and site used by modern people is to create a client’s profile for the subsequent sale of the data obtained. We at SensumFMS respect each user's private space and do not collect your data for third-party purposes. The only mission of the application is the preservation and guaranteed transfer of personal and confidential information of users to its recipients in the future.

    We have developed SensumFMS application having in mind that the main criterion for our clients in deciding to use it is confidence that the information sent to the future will be reliably DELIVERED and UNAVAILABLE for third parties.

    Data confidentiality is ensured by Amazon’s secure cloud storage and data transfer using SSL encryption.

    Why SSL certificate?

    Every data encryption method requires a key that will encrypt and decrypt each message.  The SSL certificate is the protection of information tool by three keys at a time: public, private and session.

    All messages ever sent and those that will be sent to the future are transferred into the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) cloud. We chose AWS because all data is stored in dedicated securely protected data centers and is in no way accessible to third parties.

    Why Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)?

    This data storage service today has the best performance in the industry in the areas of:

    - efficiency
    - scalability
    - availability and security of the data transmitted.

    With Amazon S3, SensumFMS administers and organizes data access restriction settings, depending on the needs of the user. Reliability in maintaining confidentiality of information that is stored in the Amazon S3 cloud is 99,9%!

    All messages are safely stored within the infrastructure, which security is ensured by reducing the effects of DDoS attacks, data encryption, hierarchy and configuration, monitoring and logging, identity control and access and continuous vulnerabilities checking.

    To ensure the confidentiality of the data you transmit, we chose Amazon because this company is constantly working on the improving of the data security and, accordingly, the level of confidentiality of the information entrusted to us.

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