Thoughts acquire sense with time

    SensumFMS is the first messenger that gives intelligent people the opportunity to transfer their emotions to loved ones through the time into the future. Sending any kind of media content at the selected time and date up to 10 years ahead to one or more recipients.
    The most valuable resource on Earth is the time of life!

    Write to the future


    Have you ever wondered:
    How to convey emotional content to the rising generation
    How to transfer confidential information without involvement of third parties
    How to automatically transfer information in the case of a sudden tragedy
    Will your children know what was your daily life like, the achievements and defeats that made you stronger?

    Why to send messages to the future?

    Between the two photographs of the same person with a several years’ difference there were dozens of events that, in most cases, are erased from memory during six months. Will your child know where you were real, what did you dream of, and will he have a chance to hear your voice during the active period of your life?

    SensumFMS is an opportunity to tell your child today what will be relevant for him only when he grows up. This is a chance to show him video episodes of your life and share ideas: for matured children it is really interesting what situations you faced and how they were solved during the active period of your life.


    How we do it?

    When you record a message in SensumFMS, the information is placed on the server with the function to send it at a predetermined time. From the moment of sending and until the moment of delivery, all data is available only to the sender and recipient of the message.

    Learn more about data protection

    Before we did it
    • Wrote diaries in the hope that they will be preserved and read by our descendants
    • Buried "time capsules" in different places, arranging quests for our grandchildren
    • Paid money to a notary to transfer our will after death
    • Created lots of photo albums

    What SensumFMS can offer
    • Live messages in video, audio, photo formats that will capture your thoughts and emotions for posterity
    • Creating an archive of media files with guaranteed transfer in time
    • Automatic dispatch of will (virtual notary)
    • Sending messages between continents considering the time zones
    • Storage of information on remote servers using technology based on decentralized data storage on the blockchain


    What if old photos in your albums suddenly started talking? How many interesting things could they tell?

    What alternatives exist in the world?
    Real time transmission of information
    Transmission of information in the future
    Preliminary appointment of the heirs of information in case of sudden tragedy with the sender
    Automatic transfer of information to appointed persons
    Long-term storage, security and confidentiality of information
    User friendliness, availability “here and now”


    How to use
    the application

    For family history
    • Virtual communication between generations, despite the decades of age difference
    • Transfer of personal experience
    • Ability to share your feelings with children, regardless of life circumstances
    • Storage of significant family events and the possibility of planned watching/listening at a selected time in the future

    For the personal use
    • Keep video diary to increase personal effectiveness
    • Set up daily activities for the required time in the future with reminders
    • A tool to analyze your own achievements for a certain period


    Sensum Features

    • Send Video
    • Send Audio
    • Send Text
    • Send Graphics
    • Share Location


    Path of virtual heritage transmitted
    via SensumFMS:
    • You choose a heir

    • The heir gives his consent and gets access to the personal cabinet

    • In the personal cabinet the information you left is stored during the necessary time


    • At the appointed time, the heir receives the information left for him

    With SensumFMS you can
    Send messages to the future and be surefooted in the confidentiality of the information transmitted
    Do not worry that significant episodes of family life will be erased from memory or be lost
    Share experiences and thoughts with children, save memorable moments and pass them on to next generations in SensumFMS space


    Legacy Version


    / for 10 years

    • 3653 days
    • 25 GB Storage
    • 240 sec
    • 512 MB
    • Sending text messages and locations
    • Appointment of heirs
    • Automatic transfer of information
    • Group mailings
    Basic Version


    / for 1 year

    • 731 days
    • 5 GB Storage
    • 120 sec
    • 250 MB
    • Sending text messages and locations
    • Appointment of heirs
    • Automatic transfer of information
    • Group mailings
    Demo Version


    / for 1 year

    • 365 days
    • 2.5 GB Storage
    • 120 sec
    • 250 MB
    • Sending text messages and locations
    • first 3 months are free
    Personal development
    Tips for children
    Spiritual development
    Tell your true life story to your child!
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